Industry-University Cooperative Research Center
As a National Science Foundation Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC), CHOT follows a model of an industry-academic partnership that has benefited industry-focused research across more than 50 disciplines. CHOT creates a safe, mutually beneficial, cooperative environment where innovative, leading healthcare industry members can come together in collaboration to:

    1. Support important transformation initiatives addressing health organization management and services
    2. Examine the implementation of transformational strategies
    3. Partner with healthcare management researchers to improve such initiatives and strategies
    4. Participate in research in a cost-effective manner
    5. Play a critical role in shaping the education of future healthcare leaders as managers, engineers, and health professionals

CHOT Mission
The mission of the Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) is to advance the knowledge and practice of transformational strategies in evidence-based management and clinical practice. CHOT conducts cooperative research among universities, health systems, and other health-related industries. The Center relies on multi-disciplinary approaches to advance and link system design and organizational technologies in innovation research. The three main areas in which CHOT conducts research are:

  1. Investigating research-informed strategy
  2. Validating innovations in healthcare delivery
  3. Implementing evidence-based innovation across settings

Annual Research Model
Of the 70 I/UCRCs within the USA, the NSF CHOT is the only I/UCRC focused on innovations in healthcare delivery. CHOT researchers work alongside the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) to conduct research that supports the implementation of evidence-based transformational strategies within the healthcare sector. Our research model relies on the knowledge and experience of healthcare leaders to guide academic research. This cooperative model ensures that the research is both meaningful and applicable to the healthcare industry and provides immediate decision.

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